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$4500 + 20% of all Decor + Travel expenses

Yellow Umbrella Events plans 2 types of U.S. destination weddings –

1.) Weddings for couples that live out of state and are getting married in Texas, usually on their family ranch or local venue.

2.) Weddings for our couples currently living in Texas (or anywhere else) that want to host their wedding in another state in the US.

A destination wedding is generally considered to be a wedding that takes place an hour and a half or more from the home of the couple getting married. This could be anywhere from Fredericksburg, Texas to Miami, Florida.

The great news is that if you’re looking for a trusted destination wedding planner, you’ve found us. Yellow Umbrella Events has been voted the Best Destination Wedding Planner in Texas for the last 4 years in a row! And we would love to help you with your destination wedding.

Indeed, hosting a destination wedding can be challenging! There are far more details to consider – how will your guests get to the location, where will they stay, how will everyone get around once they’re there? Will you use local vendors or bring your trusted vendors to the location with you? How will you handle decisions that need to be made from afar? Will you be able to make multiple trips to the location prior to your wedding? And many many more.

Our initial planning meeting may be in person, over the phone, or through Skype, depending on your location. We’ll go over all of the details of your wedding day – what locations you’re considering, what you like and don’t like and what your vision for your wedding day might be (if you have one). We’ll discuss things like colors, styles, food, music preference, budget, and all around everything wedding day related. By the end of this meeting we’ll have a really good idea of what your wedding is shaping up to look like. That’s when the work for our team begins and where you get to take a break from stressing about wedding details.

After this meeting, we really get to work for you! Our team will do things like:

  • Present options for potential venues
  • Consider travel, transportation, and accommodation options
  • Develop an overall design plan for your wedding
  • Secure vendors for your wedding day
  • Develop a detailed timeline for your wedding day and the events surrounding it.

We’ll also likely be visiting your wedding venue or making one initial trip to your intended destination to secure a venue. While we’re there, we’ll do things like visit with vendors to confirm contracts and event details, arrange hotel room blocks, take measurements of the spaces so we can develop detailed floor plans and design layouts, take tons of photographs, and work through any logistical questions we may have.

For destination weddings that are more than 2 hours from the Austin area (our home base) we typically arrive at the venue site 2 – 3 days in advance, depending on the level of detail of your wedding. We make for sure that all wedding plans are in order as planned and will be on site to lead your wedding rehearsal – typically held the day before your wedding. On the wedding day, we’ll oversee each and every vendor, ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly. We’ll assist the wedding party and guests with things like pinning boutonnieres, sewing buttons (that inevitably fall off of the guys jackets), directing wedding guests, and much more. We stay throughout the entire event and handle after event wrap up as well.

We want your wedding day to be a stress free day for everyone – you, the wedding party, your parents. The reason that most couples choose to host a destination wedding is that they want a fun and memorable week with their family and friends and we want you to have that.

We would love for you to simply relax on your wedding day – sip mimosas, get dressed at your leisure, relax with family and friends, and JUST SHOW UP to your wedding. No one’s fussing over decorations or sweating up a storm while dragging 75 chairs down a hot sandy beach! Let us take care of this for you.

If you are considering a destination wedding we’d love to work with you!

Please contact us soon to schedule your meeting.


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