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So, where do you want to go on your first vacation as a married couple? Some of you already know the answer to this question but some of you might need some help deciding. That’s okay! We’re happy to help you either way.

Since you’ve probably never planned a honeymoon before, you probably have a lot of questions, so let’s get started –

Q.) Where do we start first?

A.) It all starts with a phone call to us at #512-902-2743 or you can shoot us an email. We’re going to ask you a ton of questions to discover what you and your future spouse want out of your honeymoon. From there we’ll offer some options that fit your budget and you can decide which honeymoon fits you both the best.

Q.) How much do you charge?

A.) We don’t charge any fees to help you plan your destination honeymoon because the hotel/resort actually pays us. We do require a $100 “Plan To Go’ fee to start the planning process. But don’t worry – when you do book your honeymoon, we’ll apply that $100 to your final payment.

Q.) Since the resort pays you, does that make it cost more for us?

A.) No, actually, it doesn’t cost you any more to use one of our Travel Advisors for your destination wedding. In fact, you’ll likely save more than planning on your own and you’ll often get some extra perks thrown in because you called us first.

You see, the resorts kind of love us travel advisors because they know that when we call, we’re for real. We’re not kicking tires. We’re not goofing around. We’re calling because we have actual clients that might stay in their resort, and they’ve set aside funds to pay travel advisors for us to bring clients to them.

Also, the resorts offer special add ons and bonuses, depending on the time of year or how quickly you book, at no additional charge to only those that use a Travel Advisor.

You know what happens if you don’t use a travel advisor to book your destination wedding? The resort pockets that fee as extra profit and you pay the same amount you would have anyway – without any potential perks you could have gotten if you have used a travel advisor. Sad for us and sad for you 🙁

Q.) Do you offer a Honeymoon Registry so our family and friends can help us pay for our honeymoon?

A.) Not directly. We recommend signing up at Honeyfund for your honeymoon registry since the fees are so low – from zero to only 1.8%! Then you can use all of the funds for any part of your honeymoon travel.

Q.) Why should we use a Honeymoon Planning Travel Advisor? Can’t I find the same information myself online?

True, you could spend hours upon hours searching site after site after site but that’s not a lot of fun and you’re probably in the middle of planning a wedding right now as well. This can make the honeymoon planning a real drag – and this is supposed to be the fun stuff!

A Travel Advisor often knows a lot more about your destination options and can do all of the research and leg work for you, eliminating all the hours of trying to figure it all out on your own. And sometimes we can get you some perks that are only available from a Travel Advisor!

Q.) When should we start planning our honeymoon?

A.) As soon as possible. At least 6 months in advance would be ideal but you can start planning 9 months in advance or a month before your intended honeymoon date, depending on how flexible you can be.

Q.) I’ve heard that you should wait unti the last minute to get the best travel deals. Is that true?

A.) Not really. We would advise you to book your honeymoon as soon as you can. In fact, there are some resorts that offer early booking incentives.

By booking early you also have a better chance of getting a non stop flight to your destination. Layovers are no fun when you’re excited to get to your honeymoon!

Q.) When is the best time of year to travel?

A.) That totally depends on where you plan on going. What’s ideal for one location is the worst time for another. We’ll help you decide the best locations for the time of year you’d like to take your honeymoon.

Q.) How much is the deposit?

A.) That varies, based on the location you choose. It a lot of cases, it’s as low as a couple hundred dollars.

Q.) Any other tips we should know about?

Yes, a lot!

  • My number one most important piece of advice is not to leave the morning after your wedding! Just don’t. You’re going to be absolutely exhausted – and you want to start your honeymoon off on the right foot. If you’re getting married on a Saturday, plan on leaving on the first flight out on Monday. Use Sunday to rest, pack, and pull yourselves back together from the biggest day of your life!
  • Decide on a budget as soon as you can. Obviously, this will determine where you can go on your honeymoon and how long your trip can be.
  • Get your passport renewed and up to date as soon as possible, if needed. It could take a month or more to get a passport and you can’t leave the country without it.
  • Definitely purchase the travel insurance! You never know what could happen with weather or other issues that might arise. You don’t want to lose your entire investment in your honeymoon because you decided to save a few dollars on insurance.
  • And don’t forget about travel health insurance! Most health insurance doesn’t cover you outside of the US. One small accident or unexpected health issue could cost you a ton. And it doesn’t cost much. My travel health insurance to Mexico for a week was only $30!
  • Fill your prescriptions completely before you leave on your honeymoon.
  • Make a complete copy of all of your documents – Passport, credit cards, driver’s license – anything that you think you’ll need. Put this in a safe place, seperate from your actual travel documents.
  • It seems obvious, but pack as light as possible. You almost never need everything you pack, anyway. We have a one bag only policy in our family. If it doesn’t fit in the carry on, it doesn’t go!
  • Ladies, use your maiden name when booking. You likely won’t have the time to change your name on our driver’s license, passport or other documents and you need all of these to match when traveling. Just relax and take care of this when you return.


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